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Blue Sky Society

Founded in early 2011 by Carla Geyser, the Blue Sky Society is more than an organisation dedicated to helping people and animals in need; it’s a way of living.  Like-minded people connect and share their ideas, passion and skills to effect change where it is needed the most.

Although we have big Ideas and huge fundraising prospects, the ripple of change begins with mobilising individuals to get involved. The sky’s the limit for what we can achieve and Blue Sky’s vision is to identify and manage various projects where people can give of their time, expertise, ideas and funds to recognized charities and support the valuable work they do.

We want to connect individuals and groups  with causes they are passionate about and together make a genuine difference in this beautiful place we call ‘Mamma Afrika’.

In addition to making quality connections between members and their passions, each year The Blue Sky Society will select a worthy cause to champion, bringing attention and energy to that specific project.